Walk Grading System


The Club uses a lettered grading scheme to help leaders plan walks of suitable calibre and to give more information to members.  There is overlap between walks to be used at the leader’s discretion.

The grading is based on a points system that takes into account the mileage, ascent, terrain and (any) scrambling involved in the walk.  The greater the number of points, the more strenuous is the walk.


Mileage  = 1 point per mile
Ascent  = 1 point per 500 feet of climbing
Terrain  = 0 point - easy walking, well defined paths, fair terrain
   = 1 point - mixed, fairly rough or boggy terrain
   = 2 points - sustained very rough terrain
Scrambling  = 1 point for some moderate scrambling
   = 2 points for difficult, exposed scrambling

Add together the total number of points for the anticipated route to ensure that it falls within the permitted range:

A = points 18-23     B+ = points 14-18     B- = points 11-14     C = points   7-11     D = points   5-7

Members seeking to lead an A+ walk must first seek the approval of the committee.