Ambleside"There was a time when visitors to the Lake District read Baddeley’s guide book, bought a 1 inch map and set off into the hills wearing whatever clothes they had, a pair of wellies perhaps, an old mac, a tweed cap and jacket and an umbrella. Nearly all of them survived and enjoyed their adventures. They only came in summer.
Then came Wainwright, organised mountain rescue and dire warnings about safety, hi-tech outdoor clothing, ergonomic rucksacks, Gore-tex lined boots, leki poles, GPS and mobile phones. With these came crowds, outdoor gear shops, guided walks, fanatical peak baggers and footpath erosion. It is quite common now to see people on Loughrigg (20 minutes easy walk from the town centre) wearing and carrying hundreds of pounds worth of kit good enough to survive winter in the Himalayas, often in groups of 20 or more, treading away the thin soggy winter grass.
We mention this from the viewpoint of an older generation with the benefit of a well developed, if possibly subversive, sense of proportion and a preference for the way some things used to be.
From being something local shepherds did when they had no option, hill walking has become a passion for some, a reason for living for others, an exhilarating pleasure, or something to be carefully avoided in favour of a few pints by the pub fire."

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Event date 18/03/2018
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Location Lake District
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