middletown Within the vast area of hills that span from the towns of Welshpool through to Hay on Wye in Wales is the range of hills known as, The Breidden Hills. This range stands only just in the Welsh county of Powys and just over the border from Shropshire.

The Breidden Hills are of considerable interest. They are a conspicuous group of upland that were created through extreme volcanic actions and the highest summit of its three main peaks is that of Moel y Golfa at 403 metres. The other two main summits within this range are that of Breidden Hill at 365 metres and Middletown Hill at 367 metres that sits in the middle. All three of these hills are relics from violent active volcanic times but the truth behind them is that the volcanoes never actually came to the surface! Instead the volcanic actions that took place here forced newer, younger rocks out of the ground and up into a dome formation, the three summits together forming an impressive cluster of hills grouped in a saddleback.


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